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      The telescope, a fabulous astronomical instrument to explore the firmament!

      Are you so passionate about the celestial vault that you want to equip yourself with a telescope to explore every nook and cranny of our beautiful and vast universe? Thanks to a plethora of astronomical instruments, easily find the one you need at Futura Space and take a sensational journey through the cosmos!

      Discover three types of telesopes, for a tailor-made cosmic exploration.

      Specially designed to observe the deep sky, the telescope, or reflector, allows you to observe celestial objects located outside our solar system, i.e. star clusters, nebulae, galaxies, clusters of galaxies and quasars, which are ultradynamic galaxies with galactic nuclei and are the most sparkling galaxies in the macrocosm. Depending on your level of experience and what you expect from your future cosmic observations, you will turn to very different telescopes :

      The azimuth telescope - perfect for beginners.

      If you are a complete novice and want to learn about astronomy without going deep into it, an azimuth-mount approach model will do the trick. Mounted on a height-adjustable tripod, this type of reflector has a vertical and horizontal axis for easy orientation.

      The altazimuthal telescope - for experienced observers.

      Similar to the azimuthal mount, the altazimuthal mount is nevertheless technically more advanced and will suit you better if you already have some experience. It is most often equipped with an automatic guidance system that will allow you to follow celestial objects easily, without ever losing sight of them.

      The equatorial telescope - the most advanced technology.

      Finally, the equatorial mount, the most advanced of our trio, is equipped with a special and intuitive axis of rotation which, parallel to that of the Earth, offers maximum comfort of use. Note that these models also allow you to follow your stars!

      Telescope reflectors that never stop evolving.

      Reflectors have many more features to optimize your observations. Some of them include a battery for hours of fun under the starry sky, as well as wifi, ideal to let yourself be guided in your exploration via a mobile application.

      Telescope observations are so captivating that one can quickly feel the urge to immortalize them on glossy paper. To get a close look at the galaxy with a telescope is within the reach of all astronomers, beginners as well as experienced amateurs or experts, but also of all budgets at Futura Space.

      An extraordinary adventure to live with your family!