Space, gravity and time: be in tune with our space watches.

Beyond giving the time, the watch is a true fashion accessory. The infinitely variable straps, made of fabric, resin or metal, as well as the dial that varies from one model to another, which can be sober or more original with offbeat prints, mean that no two men's watches are alike.

Some are multifunctional : alarm, stopwatch, phosphorescent needles... they will be able to follow you in all your adventures ! Whether you wear it with a t-shirt or a shirt, the watch will perfectly finish your look!

For men and women, our space-themed watches will complete your look.Planets, nebulas, galaxies... Our watches and dials reflect the most beautiful stars and stellar objects in the universe.

Their colors, diversity, misunderstanding and beauty make them fascinating celestial bodies that give a calm and soothing atmosphere when you wear them on your wrist. This is why we offer you a collection rich in color and variety, with for example our watch with the different crescent of the moon, or our star dials.

The models and straps available are in different materials, from stainless steel to synthetic leather and rubber for the more sporty models. Finally, you will find several types of mechanisms. The beauty of watchmaking, which has made watches for hundreds of years an object as useful as it is artistic, can also be found in our collection of space watches. However, more sporty analog watches are also present to satisfy the seasoned explorer.

Because we like to satisfy all your desires at Futura Space, we offer a wide range of unique space jewelry with a clean and refined design on the theme of astronomy. You will find many classics such as our space bracelet to embellish your wrist, as well as many models of space necklace with gems reminiscent of the planets that litter the galaxy. Finally, your hands will be perfumed with the scent of nebulas and star shower with our space ring and space earrings.