Space stickers, for the love of astronomy

What could be better than falling asleep with your head into the night sky full of stars ? That's what Futura Space offers you through its collection of space stickers. 
From the smallest asteroid sticker to the large jupiter wall format, you will find all kinds of astronomical shapes and interstellar colors to satisfy your space travel desires.

Space stickers to turn your home into a NASA observatory.

With our high quality phosphorescent stickers, stickable on any surface, give your room a cosmic and stellar atmosphere that will make any person in its field of vision travel into space, far away from our solar system. 
Moon, planets, galaxy, milky way, absolutely all our wall stickers and decorative stickers will give your room a breathtaking outer space atmosphere. In your living room, in your bedroom, on the floor, the walls or the ceiling, you will find absolutely everything to leave earth gravity and let yourself be carried away by the depths of the universe. 

Original space stickers to collect 

Astronomers, spacecraft, rockets, meteorites, planets... So many distant cosmic and emblematic planetary objects to find in our collection of colorful stickers.
So drop your telescope and collect orbiting moons stickers, our solar sytem's planet like saturn, without mentionning dwarf planets, comet, galaxies and other natural satellite and gravitational objects sometimes light years far from you.

You are a scientist at heart and you haven't missed a single space mission, or maybe you would like to know them all ? Say no more. Futura Space has created for you a galactic cocktail full of stickers in memory of the greatest moments in space history with the badges of pilots and astronauts from around the world as a bonus.

If you want to expand your collection of objects fallen from the sky, check out all of our space decorations, you're guaranteed to find the right piece for your spaceship!
What better than our paintings or posters to display a cosmic atmosphere in your favorite rooms? They come in all sizes and the quality is worthy of a SpaceX rocket.
Finally, if you want to fall asleep headfirst into the stars, go for our space blankets and pillows to be sure to travel through the stars during your nights, but be sure to turn off the light of your space lamp before going to sleep.