Space Ring

Our selection of space ring for every occasion

We invite you to discover our wide choice of space rings for men and women to offer a gift (Valentine's Day, Birthday, Engagement, Halloween, Holidays) or personal pleasure. Our space rings are essential fashion accessories to wear on a daily basis. Futura Space accompanies you in all the occasions of your life and offers you :

  • galaxy ring
  • planets ring
  • moon ring
  • star ring
  • astral sign ring
  • earth ring...

Space beauties at your fingertips

Everyone is fascinated by space. Who can remain indifferent in front of the mysteries that the depths of the universe hold in deep darkness. Space can be frightening, or make you dream, what is certain is that these stellar objects are more magnificent one than the other. It is for this exact reason we offer you a large collection of galaxy rings, moon rings, planet rings, and many more... From the smallest ice planet to the most beautiful multicolored nebulae, bring to your fingers the most beautiful stars of space.

With colors and materials for all tastes, you will find unisex rings, rings for men, but also rings for women.

A wide selection of sizes is also available to let you wear your favorite ring on the finger you desire.

Zinc alloy and brass, or precious metal such as sterling silver, gold-plated, yellow gold, rose gold or 14K gold ring... You will find shiny and original celestial rings, sober or fancy. Other models are also made of resin and wood to reveal colored crystals. Not to mention our crimped and ornamented rings.

Constellations, distant stars that can be seen from our Milky Way... All these celestial bodies that the largest space telescopes around the globe keep capturing like the legendary Hubble Telescope.

With Futura Space, you have the choice to wear space-themed rings, and no need to go on the next NASA or SpaceX mission to conquer the stars! So don't wait any spacecraft to let you land on a lunar ground out of our solar system, just take a look at our planetary ring collection. You will even have the opportunity to marry on another galaxies with our space wedding ring selection.

To complete your style, we advise you to take a look at our complete space jewelry selection. You will find a lot of beautiful space themed jewels like our space bracelet collection in the image of your zodiac sign. Pendants, chains and other celestial objects can now be worn around your neck with our space necklace. And to complete your jewelry collection and have a 100% astronomy style, wear one of our space watches on your wrist or a pair of our space earrings to shine like a falling star.