Space, Planet & Galaxie Bracelet

Space bracelet on your wrist

The bracelet is a timeless accessory that comes in an infinite variety of designs. It can be made of metal, fabric, wood, beads, embroidered or printed ... Bracelets can be combined to give a unique look, while remaining sober and elegant.

At Futura Space, our original space-themed bracelets will take you on a journey to conquer the stars with a collection offering the most beautiful designs, in all materials and colors, to give a celestial, natural and sumptuous touch to your wrist.

You will find many jewels for men and women, such as our :

  • galaxy bracelet
  • planet bracelet
  • moon bracelet
  • stars bracelet

Ideal to offer as a gift to astronomy and space discovery lovers, or for your own personal pleasure, you will find both rigid and flexible bracelets as well as bracelets and curb chains in alloy, in precious metals such as solid silver, but also gold-plated bracelets for our most precious models.

In connection with the stars and the matter, many flexible models are created from braid and cord in nylon or leather, but also in metal mesh. Finally, we also offer bracelets in natural stone and colored crystals to stay connected to the universe.

Our galaxy bracelet will make you look up to the sky.

Sometimes we look up in the sky and realize that there are many stars around us and that the universe is endless. But it is really when we realize that in our Milky Way alone millions of stars exist. Have you ever seen the spectacular pictures taken by the Hubble Space Telescope? One of them shows us a slice of deep space and reveals dozens of galaxies, one next to the other, each containing millions of different stars and planets! This is something that makes us think about our existence.

This is what we want you to feel with our galaxy bracelets. The fact that we are a planet among billions of other stars and make us dream of traveling among them in reality or in our dreams.

Hang our solar system on your wrist with our selection of planet bracelet.

Neptune, Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury, our blue planet, Uranus and Mars... We sometimes forget that the nearest stars to us are no less fascinating and yet extremely far at the same time. Imagine, the Martian mission launched by SpaceX programs a journey of over 2 years for our brave astronauts to set foot on the Martian ground. Will they discover any traces of life? We don't know, what is certain is that our planets hold many mysteries for us to unravel.

Among our planet bracelets, you will find many models made of natural stone and crystals to remind you of the organic and mineral side that most planets are made of.

You don't need a Rover to explore the lunar ground: discover our moon bracelet.

As close as it is far away, we often forget that the moon is there in our sky, next to us, and that it is the closest body to our Earth. So close that we are lucky enough to see its thousands of craters caused by asteroid rains with the naked eye.

In spite of the numerous space explorations by the Russians, the United States and other countries, the Moon still holds many mysteries for us since only the visible side remains explored by humans!

With our moon bracelets, highlight a soothing, astral and beautiful side with the different parts of the moon. Some phosphorescent models let you see this natural satelite even in the dark.

A shower of stars, you only need one: our stars bracelet.

When you talk to a child about astronomy, what does he think about from the first second. The stars. Not surprising, they have been the symbol of the conquest of space for thousands of years, they also make up all our astrological signs and are even the centerpiece of our constellations.

No need to raise your head to the starry sky with our stars bracelets. As minimalist as they are elegant, you can't go wrong with showing your fascination for the stars on your wrist.

To be matched with each of your outfits, you usually need several different pieces of jewelry : for that, our space jewelry collection is just what you need. Let the soothing and reassuring charm of the moon dress your neck with our space necklace. Whether you're on Earth or on the Moon, you always need to know what time it is; that's why we offer a selection of ultra trendy and modern space watches to give a galactic touch to your wrist. Finally, let the stars and planets cover your phalanges with our space ring, and let your earlobes shine with our space earrings.