The space pillow to fall asleep towards another dimension

Discover our large collection of space cushions to complete your stellar universe at home. In all sizes, patterns and shapes, our space pillows will be a refreshing and soothing decorative touch that will make you travel among the stars.
On your couch, sofa or bed, let yourself be tempted by our quality polyester space pillows which guarantees a long term resistance to washing and ensures bright colors.

Discover the stars with our space cushions.

The depths of the universe contain celestial objects, each more impressive and mysterious than the next. Where only observatories, NASA space telescopes or even the Hubble Telescope are the only ones that can show us the universe around us in high quality. Futura Space pillows have respected this pledge of quality by selecting designs created from real shots from telescopes and satellites, making you travel billions of light years away.

You will discover our solar system, from the smallest dwarf planet to the gigantic black hole nebula, galaxy and our Milky Way. All interstellar depths will now accompany your room.

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