Protect your smartphone with our space phone case collection

Phone cases are now a must if you want to protect your Iphone, Samsung Galaxy, Huawei or any other model for as long as possible. Today's phones are so thin that a simple shock can break the glass and make it unusable.

Protect your phone from all impacts with our space cases. In addition to offering excellent anti-shock protection, our protective cases come in all patterns and colors for a unique shell in your image on the theme of astronomy.

If you prefer a case that protects against falls, shocks and scratches while remaining thin, we recommend you choose a silicone case that is generally transparent. The silicone gel allows to keep an excellent protection while remaining slim and comfortable in the hand or in the pocket. Choose the stellar model among an astronomical choice.

For optimal protection, choose our premium space cases. Thicker and more stiff, this phone cover is super resistant and will protect your phone from a meteor shower!

The coolest phone cases ever

Still not convinced? Take a look at all our super stylish and unique designs that will delight astronomy, art, science fiction and space exploration enthusiasts. Colorful cases displaying the most impressive stars and celestial objects in the universe, but also iconic symbols of astronomy and space exploration by our dear astronaut friends.

Finally, if you're into sci-fi and intergalactic battles, we have a collection of cases inspired by iconic figures from the mysteries of space and cult movies such as aliens and many others. Here are all the space shell models you can find only on Futura Space :

  • Stars phone case
  • Nasa phone case
  • Alien phone case
  • Galaxy phone case
  • Planet phone case

Dont hesitate any longer and go check our other space accessories to get along with your brand new space phone case. You can slip it in your pocket, but we have even better : put your smartphone in one of our space backpack ! They are practical, trendy, unique and as colorful as the Milky Way. Plus you can personalize them with our space patches : a simple iron-on or needle and thread, and you can customize each of your favorite clothes. And don't forget our collection of space wallet that will perfectly accompany all your exploration trips on Earth or in space. But you still need to get up on the right foot in the morning, thanks to our space mugs, you'll have no problem getting off the ground as fast as a rocket.