Collect them or stick them on your clothes: our space patches.

Patches are colorful embroidered elements in all shapes that can either add to your astronomy enthusiast collection or give a unique style to your clothes once they are iron-on or embroidered on the fabric.

In the shape of a round rectangle, or any other exotic shape, our multicolored space patches are usually made of polyester or felt, sometimes even velvet. Textiles are made to be very colorful, and badges are usually embroidered directly on your wearable or iron-on thanks to their iron-on material. Sewing is no longer a burden.

Imagine proudly wearing Apollo 11 badges on your favorite denim jacket! For men and women alike, our patches will delight fans of space and its mysteries, its stars and celestial objects, just like fans of science fiction movies.

UFOs, extraterrestrials, creatures, the hidden face of zone 51... our collection of patches on the paranormal and mystery will find a great success with UFO hunters.

If you've seen the rerun of Apollo 11, or you haven't missed any NASA space missions, you'll love our emblems collection on the conquest of space and its various missions. The conquest of space will never stop growing, and Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the moon was the leader of this movement. Today, the ISS in Earth orbit shows us live images of the earth to make us travel even if we are not astronauts. But space projects continue fortunately and the first flight to Mars will soon take place. You will find all these historical symbols of space exploration in our space patch collection!

Finally, for lovers of stars, constellations and different planets or stellar objects, our patches in the shape of planets of the solar system, galaxies beyond our Milky Way, nebulae and asteroids will satisfy their desire to leave Earth's gravity to take off towards new horizons at the speed of light.