Space Painting : Explore the infinite depths of the universe

Are you looking for a cosmic vibe to fill your home ? You've come to the right place! All our space art, space paintings, canvas and wall art can only be found in our galactic store !

The space is filled with mystery and interstellar objects, each one more impressive than the other. With the Futura Space paintings, leave Earth's gravity and travel the cosmos to discover the most distant and celestial objects far from thousands of light years.

From our solar system to our Milky Way galaxy, our space paintings will take you on a journey to plunge your head into the stars :
  • Galaxies,
  • Nebulae,
  • Stars,
  • Dwarf planets,
  • Asteroid,
  • Constellation,
  • Black holes,
  • or even our dear astronaut friends...

You will find a collection of the most immersive and varied pictures of the deep space that will create a unique and striking atmosphere.

No need to buy a space telescope to enjoy astronomy ! All the breathtaking snapshots are taken from astronomical observatory all over the globe, but also from satellites above the night sky and the famous Hubble telescope.

    The design of our space canvas is meticulously controlled.

    Each of our space painting are meticulously constructed entirely by hand and in our own factories with environmentally friendly materials. Our framed canvas are controlled at each manufacturing process. The print quality of our paintings is of the highest quality.

    We use state-of-the-art printers that ensure optimal ink projection for exceptional color rendering and high definition image quality. All paints and inks applied are odorless and free of harmful substances.

    Don't hesitate to take a look at our other space decorations! We have a wide selection of astronomical objects to satisfy the most passionate among you! We invite you to take a look at our space posters, you'll see, there are dozens of different models. We also offer a large number of space stickers and space lamps. Our space station confirms that you won't regret it !