Space lamp: bring light from the stars into your home

Why not add a cosmic vibe to your room with our space lamp ? At Futura Space, we offer you an astronomical lamp selection! With our space lamps, be sure to travel among the stars in a relaxing way. Featuring the stars of our solar system, you will find lamps of all sizes in the shape of planets and other distant celestial objects such as comet, asteroid, galaxies and more...

Explore our solar system as never been so enjoyable : Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, Venus, Moons or the planet Earth. But we haven't forgotten spaceships fans, rockets, and other emblematic elements of the galactic universe with our 3D Led lamps that will create a futuristic sci-fi effect in your room.

Well, if you want to start an interplanetary journey into deep space to contemplate distant stars light years away from our position, you've come to the right place. Explore the outer space beyond our sun and the milky way with our space lamp collection. 

Which space lamp should you choose for your home?

In a living room, an office, a bedroom, for a softened ambient light, you can choose our 3D Led lamps with original and varied designs about space and interstellar objects like rockets and spacecraft. Real decorative objects, these lamps bring a cosy aspect to the light while being trendy. If you want to add a very soft lighting, our garlands are also perfect to integrate in a living room to add a delicate and colorful touch of light.

Finally, for the ultimate and relaxing space ambiance, our moon and planet lamps will be the #1 choice of all astronomy enthusiasts. With breathtaking details no need to become an astronomer, bring telescopes or ask Hubble to take a stunning cliché :  our moon lamp, planet lamp, galaxy lamp and star lamp will suddenly become the masterpiece of your room. For the lovers of our blue planet, we also have a collection of levitating Earth lamps for the most stunning anti-gravity effect. His levitating techlogy makes it a real gravitational lamp orbiting in the air.

On a table, a desk, or on your bedside table, our space lamps will fit perfectly to your interior decoration. Many models have interchangeable colors, with variable light intensity, which allows our lamps not only to illuminate your room but also to be used as night lights.

Extend your journey into space by checking out all our unique space decorations that can' t be found in store with a tremendous amount of astronomical objects. If you want to blow your guests away, add our space paintings or hang one of our beautiful posters on your walls. Be sure to complete your bedroom wth our blankets collection and sleep on some of our space pillows. Finally, if you have the soul of a collector, what better than our space stickers to satisfy your explorer's desires.