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      Space Keychains to keep the keys to your spaceship

      At Futura Space, we don't joke about astronomy. How could you explore the universe, the galaxies and start from the ground without your space keychain? It's the perfect fashion accessory to add an original touch to the astronomy theme, and show everyone your love for stars and science fiction. Perfect as a gift, our space keychains come in all colors with different types of clasps: rings, carabiner... To hang your keys the way you want.

      Whether you want to go on the next NASA or SpaceX space mission as an astronaut, or whether you are an astronomy enthusiast or a fan of cult science fiction and space battle movies and series, you will need to equip your keys with one of our space keychains. Whether it's the keys to your house, your car, your motorcycle, or your spaceship, you'll need it!

      One thing is sure: if you wear a keychain, it's because you pay attention to the little details, which is why you'll be pleased to see all our other space jewelry that will surprise you even more. In pearl, steel, natural stone or precious metal, our space bracelet and space watches will make their effect around your wrist. Not to mention our space rings and space necklace that fit perfectly together to align the stars. Finally, opt for a pair of space earrings to add the finishing touch to your interstellar look.