The space jewelry collection : the beauty of the universe in all its forms.

Jewelry is a good way to bring detail to an outfit that is a little too sober. Whether it's a bracelet, a ring or a necklace, wearing jewelry enhances and catches the eye. If choosing a jewel suited to your body shape is of course important, it is also important to choose the one you like.

Don't hesitate to choose a quality jewel that will accompany you for a long time: jewelry is an object to which you become attached!

We offer a wide range of space jewelry for men and women, but also ultra trendy unisex jewelry of quality to satisfy the simple curious as well as astronomy enthusiasts.

From the simple astronaut keychain to the sterling silver necklace that looks like a star straight out of the confines of the solar system, you will find the perfect piece of jewelry to give a unique and fascinating touch to your style.

Our jewelry is made from different materials, some of which are specific to the model. You will find jewelry in metal such as zinc, brass and copper alloy. But also models in sterling silver or pure gold, 14k rose gold and 18k gold-plated, not to mention other precious metals that we will let you discover.

Other jewels use less conventional materials such as wood, resin or pearls as well as natural stones and gems for breathtaking colors.

Among our astronomical collection of space jewelry, you will find many astronomical objects close to Earth as well as the most distant ones billions of light-years away, in the form of :
  • Space necklace
  • Space ring
  • Space bracelet
  • Space earrings
  • Space keychains
  • Space watches

Wear the universe around your neck with our space necklace collection.

Original and unique necklaces and pendants on the theme of space and astronomy.The distant universe and its many celestial bodies make anyone admire the diversity of color, shape and mystery.

Choose the necklace to perfect your outfit among our dozens of models of all lengths and shapes.

Of high quality and in the image of stellar objects, you will find necklaces in the shape of planet, galaxy, star without speaking about our natural satellite the moon.

Touch the stars with your fingertips with our space ring.

It is not only Saturn who has the right to wear a ring.The perfect accessory for both men and women to embellish your hands every day of the week.

A wide selection of rings and cosmic rings in all sizes to wear on every finger.Do you know your zodiac sign? Wear it proudly on your finger with our rings on the star sign of your choice. If you are more attracted to the stars, galaxies, planets, the moon or the earth...

You can also choose the stellar object of your choice, whether it is present in our solar system or thousands of light years away beyond the cosmos, the galaxies and the depths of the universe.

Our space bracelet & watches: attach constellations to your wrist.

Elegant and unique, our space bracelets and space watches will bring a delicate and cosmic touch to your wrist.

You'll love our natural stone bracelets that reflect the image of our solar system with the colors of our neighboring planets.

Also, find your zodiac sign and let it embellish your wrist with its quality details. If you like astrology and constellations, you will also find the largest constellations present since the dawn of time, among andromeda and the great bear.

Finally, if the full moon and its different quarters leave you speechless, choose a watch with a moon face dial and the crescent moon you prefer: from the phosphorescent hidden face to the full moon shining in the starry sky.

The milky way to your ears: our space earrings.

The vast majority of our earrings models are designed for women who want to bring out their feminine and delicate side.For all occasions, wear the earring model for everyday life, or to go out for an evening out.

In the shape of stars, moon, planets or galaxy, you can't go wrong. Especially since our earrings come in all sizes and shapes: from the minimalist studded earring to the perforated, triangle, ring or even very long earrings... Stop thinking and let the beauties of distant space dress your ears.

Hang anything you want on your space keychains.

We rarely think about it, but the keychain can be a real fashion accessory that makes an impression. In addition to having a unique look, it allows you to hang all sorts of important things on it that shouldn't be lost: the keys to your Rover for example!

For a sober or offbeat style, opt for the space and science-fiction-themed keychain to perfect your style.