Super trendy space hoodies

Ultra stylish unisex hoodies for men and women, with an astronomy theme. Coming from a sports culture, the hoodie was originally an exercise garment. Over time, it has become a casual piece of clothing, and is now an integral part of fashion. Just like the T-shirt, the hoodie can be declined infinitely thanks to numerous prints, embroideries or different cuts and finishes such as the hoodie or the retro classic model that is the crewneck.

From traditional plain color with a small logo or embroidered patch, to streetwear with a speckle pattern or side zips, the hoodie is a completely versatile clothing that fits both the sporty chic and the urban fashion victim.

Space hoodies with original, futuristic sci-fi designs

Whether you're an astronomy enthusiast in search of the farthest galaxy, or a die-hard fan of science fiction movies and series, you'll find the hoodie that will get you off the ground with Futura Space.

We have a wide range of astronomical patterns on deep space celestial objects: nebulae, galaxies, planets, asteroids, and many more to discover.

If you haven't missed any space missions, we thought of you: our astronomer friends have joined the collection with many designs featuring space explorers along with their rockets and spaceships.

Of all the cuts, plain, embroidered or printed, we have the space hoodie you need.

Simple hoodies, plain, with print, embroidered patch or colorful, choose the one that suits you best for all occasions. Ultra comfortable and of all cuts, you'll find fitted, slim or oversize hoodies for an ultra trendy casual style.

Its hoodie and long sleeves make the sweatshirt a versatile piece of your wardrobe that will be ideal for mid-season or colder weather.