The whole galaxy at the edge of your ears with our space earrings.

Let yourself be tempted by the beauty of the celestial world with our earrings on the astronomy theme. Very feminine and delicate, our earrings are a trendy fashion accessory that will perfectly complement your jewelry box, in addition with beautiful bracelets, necklaces or rings. They are an ideal gift for Valentine's Day or for any romantic occasion.

What are they for? Because our space earring collection is composed of an astronomical number of models for all occasions.

Discreet and elegant, our women's earrings in brass, mother-of-pearl, lacquered effect, gold, silver or gold-plated will make your ears shine like a shining star in the night sky.

Our models set with fine stones or crystal will give a natural and astral side for more precious and original earrings.

Finally, our models come in all shapes and lengths with pairs of minimalist earrings such as studs, oval, perforated, triangle, rings...

You will find collections centered around all the stars and celestial symbols. Models of earrings on the theme of stellar space, and the raw, relaxing and soothing beauties of the stars, each more magnificent than the other:

  • Star earrings
  • Moon earrings
  • Planet earrings
  • Galaxy earrings

And way more astral bodies to explore...

Shine like the sun with our star earrings

Looking up at the starry sky at night, how do you feel? Star clusters are a magnificent sight that makes us understand how tiny we are in this deep universe. With our shiny golden star earrings, show everyone your elegant, delicate and feminine side.

Wear the soothing image of the moon with our moon earrings.

With its thousands of craters, the moon is both so close in our sky and so far away at the same time. One thing is sure, our moon earrings will give you this relaxing and soothing astral side. Let us unhook the moon for you with our glow-in-the-dark models. The crescent moon is different depending on the models, from the narrowest crescent moon to a full moon, choose the one you prefer.

Our planet earrings will make you explore our solar system.

Among the stars present in the universe, planets remain one of the most fascinating. Dwarf, giant, mineral, gaseous... They come in all shapes, sizes and colors, and we don't know what they hide from us on their surface. With our planet earrings, go beyond our solar system, Mars, Neptune, Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury, Uranus and Earth.

The Milky Way as a jewel with our galaxy earrings

They are everywhere, rarely seen with the naked eye, and contain millions of stars and planets. Our galaxy earrings will give a very feminine mystical and astral effect to your ears. No need for a telescope to capture them, the details of each of our models are made to convey the multicolored and sparkling beauty of the galaxies that litter the space.

To complete your pair of earrings, Futura Space recommends you to go and browse through our other space jewelry. If you don't like your current bracelet, or if you are tempted to wear a beautiful space bracelet made of natural stone in the image of the Earth, then feel free to take a look at all our models and colors. Also to give a unique, discreet or showy touch with our long space necklace, you can't go wrong with our designs, each one more beautiful than the other. Finally, do not lose the sense of time with our space watches with patterns of galaxy, stars or the moon.