Futura Space decorations : A paradise for budding astronomers.

If, like us at Futura Space, you are among those who are fascinated by the mysteries of the universe and its celestial objects, then you've come to the right place. We have carefully selected an astronomical number of space-themed decorations to give every room in your home a cosmic vibe that will plunge your head into the stars.

High quality decorative objects that will satisfy every astronomy and science-fiction movie fan's tastes, through a wide variety of items. You will find in our collection of space decorations :

  • Space painting
  • Space posters
  • Space lamp
  • Space carpets
  • Space stickers
  • Space bedding
  • Space pillow

Breathtaking space paintings and posters.

What could be better than proudly displaying the most beautiful stars or spatial symbols with paintings or posters? In all sizes and formats, our paintings and posters will add a stellar atmosphere to each and every one of your rooms. In your living room, your bedroom, your bathroom...

With a printing quality that ensures a perfect color rendering, the striking contrast of nebulas and other planets will make their effect. If you are a fan of science fiction movies, you will also find wall decorations and other paintings highlighting iconic scenes from the greatest sci-fi movies.

Illuminate your home like a star with our space lamp collection.

Lamps are often ordinary and are more frequently used for convenience than decorative purposes. At Futura Space, we look beyond the Milky Way: what if we offered space lamp ?

Everything fascinating in space gives off an intense, colorful, mesmerizing, and sometimes soothing light. This is what we propose to add to your living room, your office or your bedroom.

Moon-shaped lamps, planets like Jupiter, Earth, Saturn and many others that produce a soft and relaxing light to plunge you into the depths of the galaxy.

If you have the soul of an explorer and wish to leave Earth's gravity, then our rocket-shaped lamps or other spacecraft will take you on a journey every time you set eyes on it. In short, our space lamps are the way to bring an original and design touch to add to your space conquest.

Impossible to walk on the moon? Not anymore thanks to our space carpets !

Being an astronaut requires a lot of courage, knowledge and passion to get on a rocket and go beyond the Earth's atmosphere and hope to set foot on another planet. With our space carpets, we give you the opportunity to set foot on the star of your choice!

In all shapes and colors, our carpets will make you take off straight to the moon, Mars and many other planets! The intense colors of the nebulae fascinate you? Then opt for one of our nebula carpets, truer than nature.

With quality printing, and colors that stand the test of time, our carpets will make you see closely and in detail each of the stars you have chosen. You don't need the Hubble Space Telescope to enjoy the interstellar beauty in your home.

To all our collector friends : discover our space stickers.

If you want to capture all the stars of our solar system, from Pluto to Mercury and our Sun, look no further.

In our collection of space stickers, we have gathered a selection as diverse as it is colorful, highlighting the entire spectrum of astronomy.

Stars, planets, comets, asteroids or any other stellar objects... But also our dear astronaut friends, rockets, satellites and other space exploration vehicles.

If you haven't missed any NASA mission, you will be happy to discover our stickers on iconic missions with the badges of the greatest astronauts who have marked the history of space exploration.

Sleep with your head in the stars with our space bedding and pillows.

The bed, the masterpiece of your room. Its bedding, blanket and pillowcases usually reflect the general atmosphere of the room. This is why for astronomy lovers, we propose to transform your bed into a space shuttle, to make you take off at the speed of light towards new stars.

Whether you have a single, double or king size bed, you will find the right bedding for your bed. Stars, planets, the full moon or astronauts, you will find the right design to give a planetary atmosphere to your room.

Finally, fall asleep on star clusters or on the moon surface with our space pillows to perfect your bed or sofa in the majestic colors of planets.