The complete space clothing to suit every one of your astral desires.

From generation to generation, clothing has become an element of style that determines the social class of the person wearing it. Today, clothes are numerous and are declined in all styles, materials, colors and cuts. Tops, bottoms, headgear... They cover us from head to toe and have a style and design that reflects our personality.

Futura Space offers you a wide collection of casual ready-to-wear on the theme of space and astronomy, for both men and women. With our unisex spacewear, you can dress up with trendy and comfortable pieces for all occasions. Here is our complete collection of spacewear that will delight astronomy lovers:

  • Space shirts
  • Space hoodies
  • Space hat & cap
  • Nasa jacket
  • Space beanies
  • Astronaut costume
  • Star wars costume

Wear the colors of the Milky Way with our space shirts and hoodies.

Super colorful with designs each more striking than the other, our t-shirt and sweatshirt will delight astronomers and science fiction fans.

Of all cuts and sizes, you will find t-shirts and sweater in slim, fitted, standard, wide and oversize cuts for a casual style. In v-neck or crew neck, with or under hood, choose the style that suits you best.

Plain with embroidered logo or printed pattern, the stars and symbols of the astronomical universe will stand out vividly and stand up to washing and the test of time. Whether you choose a t-shirt or a hoodie, you can't go wrong: their designs are ultra trendy, unique and must-have!

Protect your head from the heat of a star with our space cap & hat or from space cold with our space beanies.

The headgear is a clothing element that has largely evolved over time. After bowler hats and other classic models, the most popular models are caps and beanies. Although their purpose is different, they both fit over the head and give instant style to anyone who looks at you.

For both men and women, our headwear is unisex and will please both the astronomy lovers and the most curious looking for a unique and ultra trendy style.

In cotton, polyester or mesh, our hats and bonnets come in all colors and designs. Printed or with embroidered crest, each model is unique and brings its own touch of originality to the image of the immensity of space and its billions of stars and celestial objects.

Flat or curved visor, one size fits all or adjustable trucker, our caps will adapt to all heads and desires. Short, long, with or without pompom, with or without lapels, our caps will keep you warm in all circumstances. You can't make a bad choice.

Become the master of the universe at parties dressed with our star wars & astronaut costume.

Impose a cosmic atmosphere with our astronaut and star wars costumes. Whatever your choice, you are sure to make people jealous.

Who isn't in awe of a brave and courageous astronaut? Who isn't both terrified and amazed at the same time when facing the great Darth Vader? One thing is sure: our costumes are designed for children as well as adults.

Made of high quality synthetic material, the manufacture of our costumes ensures a maximum of detail while remaining pleasant to wear during your disguised nights. So wear your astronaut's helmet or sith senor's mask in front of your friends!