The softest space carpets in the galaxy

After a hard day, what could be better than resting comfortably in a seat and letting your mind wander to the moon? However, your imagination may not be there, but thanks to our superb quality space rugs, your moments of relaxation will take you on a journey among the stars.

Put your feet in the immensity of the universe with our space mats 

At Futura Space, we want to give you the most about astronomy with a huge amount of different celestial bodies related items. Astronomers, our sun, the night sky, or any other distant interstellar objets far from billion years away like our galaxy... We are shocasing and offering you the opportunity to escape Earth's gravity and explore beyond our solar system, beyond our milky way in our collection of space carptets, without the need of any space telescope.

Planets, satellites, nebulae, galaxies, solar system, meteorites... Spread the ground with celestial objects that will make you travel through time at the speed of light with an astronomical choice.

In your bathroom, your bedroom or your living room, treading the soft lunar ground will definitely make you dream.

If our carpets are not enough to transform your home into a stellar observatory, we suggest you take a look at our other cosmic decorations. You will also find the most beautiful pictures of stellar objects of all shapes with our space paintings, but also our posters to display a starry atmosphere all over your walls. Opt for a good quality night's sleep by adding a galactic touch with our space-themed blankets and cushions. Add to that our beautiful moon and planet lamps for a 100% cosmic atmosphere.