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      Let our space bedding turn your bed into your spacecraft

      Well, if there is one place where we love to take the time to escape from our thoughts and dream of exploring the depths of the universe, it's our bedroom. Futura Space invites you to push the space experience beyond your imagination with space bedding sets that are each more unique than the other.

      Let celestial bodies add a soothing cosmic touch to your bedroom. Explore our solar system, our milky way and other distant celestial objects light years away from our planetary system.

      From the farthest dwarf star to the nearest black holes, we have carefully selected designs that inspire galactic travel and dreams. Distant planets, asteroid belts, comets, star dust, galaxies... Be sure to honor your love for astronomy with our space blankets.
      Models of all sizes and for all ages. From childish cartoon designs to please the youngest explorers or real astronomy clichés captured by telescopes from all over the world like the Hubble Space Telescope, you will find the bedding to bring the atmosphere you want to your bed.

      Many colors are available, and the printing on high quality polyester fabric ensures a high quality finish that will stand up to the test of time and washing to keep your journey among the stars going over and over again. No need to get a planetarium or any observatory or Hubble ultra deep telescope to enjoy cosmic beauty. A nice space bedding will bring the interstellar vibe you want.

      For more astronomical objects, you can check our other space decorations that any astronomer or space lover would want to get right now. Also, needless to say that there is nothing better than a giant and vivid nebula painting or posters of galaxies to go with your awesome space blanket. If you think there's a cosmic touch missing in your home, then come see our space lamps shaped like the moon and stellar objects. Finally, to fall asleep in the stars, choose one of our space pillows. And if you are a collector, take a look at our space stickers, they come in all shapes and colors!

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