You want to trek to the moon? Then carry your space backpack.

The backpack is a style element that is sometimes overlooked and yet can make all the difference: it takes up the entire length of your back! More and more, the backpack has made a place for itself among fashion accessories that are not only aesthetic but also useful!

In our space backpack collection, you will find many space-themed bags : galaxy, planet, or star patterns.

At Futura Space, we don't skimp on the quality of our backpacks. Solidity, practicality and lightness are important to walk for hours on the surface of other planets.

Functional and versatile, the design of our bag is studied to offer you many pockets, zippered pockets and compartments for maximum capacity, even for the smallest bags.

Made of nylon or polyester, our backpacks highlight the stars and the beauties of astronomy directly on the fabric.

In all sizes and colors, you'll find the ideal tote bag model for everyday life, but large bag models to carry a maximum of things. Finally, the mini-bag will be the ideal model as a travel backpack to fit in a suitcase.

Our waterproof models with lining at the zipper will be a good choice for your galactic hikes.

You get it, our space bags are made to make your life easier with style. Store everything you want, even your laptop thanks to their large capacity and multiple side and inside pockets.