Galaxy & Space Necklace

Space necklace to connect with the universe

In this collection, you will discover original and unique necklaces on the theme of space and astronomy.

Whether you are looking for astronaut pendants, planet-shaped necklaces or star-studded pendants, this collection will help you discover necklaces that will make perfect gifts for yourself or a loved one.

Astronomy enthusiasts will also find something for them in this exclusive selection of necklaces and pendants inspired by the beauty of the space that surrounds us.

These necklaces can be made of pearls, wood, metal, of various lengths, with pendants of different sizes, colored or not... Put forward on a tee shirt, or hidden behind a shirt, the pendant has its place in all your outfits. Well chosen and worn, it focuses the eye and underlines the bust. The necklace is an asset of choice for an elegant outfit...

Unhook the moon and tie it around your neck.

When we look at the starry sky through our milky way on our planet, we realize the immensity of the universe. But we do not necessarily realize all the beauties that are in the depths of space.

At Futura Space, we have immortalized every moment of astronomy in necklaces referring to the most beautiful stars and celestial objects in the universe.

  • Space necklace

  • Galaxy necklace

  • Planet necklace

  • Star necklace

  • Moon necklace

No need to take the next space shuttle or leave in the SpaceX rocket to travel towards the stars. We bring them to you in the form of necklaces and pendants made of brass and zinc alloy, but also in sterling silver, yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, 14k and 18k gold plated and other precious metals.

You will see that our collection is mainly composed with pendant necklaces, gold necklace, sterling silver necklace, but also chain necklace and pearl necklace.

For all styles, you will find very long casual necklaces but also others much more elegant and worked with gemstones or stellar pendants. Pendant necklace is a go to if you want to get some charm, specially appaired with beautiful bracelets and earrings if you were those.

Our necklaces are unisex and will please both men and women. The universe has no limit and no gender, everyone will find the necklace that will make him travel among the stars.

Finally, for fans of sci-fi and cult movies about space, space battles and space-time travel at the speed of light, we have thought of you with a selection of necklaces and pendants inspired by the iconic symbols of the greatest blockbusters.

If you want to satisfy your thirst for all kinds of celestial objects, come and land in our space jewelry collection. You'll find fascinating jewels to wear around your wrist like our space bracelet, but also space watches with lunar dials to pay tribute to our beloved natural satellite. To accompany each of your outfits with elegance and style, take a tour of our space ring that will sublimate each of your fingers, not to mention our space earrings that will give a soothing image to your look.