Astronomical telescope and spotting scope, for an exceptional celestial experience!

You wish to tame the sky and its astral wonders by offering you an astronomical telescope or a spotting scope?

With high quality optical instruments, specially designed to introduce you to astronomy or perfect your experience as an astronomer, Futura Space takes you to the conquest of the elusive!

Astronomical telescope and spotting scope : What's the difference?

Let's start by first distinguishing between these two types of telescopes, so that you can more easily make your choice. The spotting scope is a refracting device, that is to say it uses lenses as input optics, in order to concentrate the light in the focus.

The astronomical telescope, on the other hand, uses a curved mirror on which the light rays are reflected, and is therefore a reflective device. It allows, generally, to obtain a moderate magnification but concedes a much better brightness than the spotting scope, so it is suitable for observing the deep sky (star clusters, nebulae, galaxies ...).

The spotting scope offers for its part a higher magnification, making it ideal for the exploration of planets with magnifications up to 70 times, to you the inspection of craters and grooves! After this introduction, let's discover the potential of these objects that make all the cosmos enthusiasts dream...

Reflectors and refractors for all astronomers, beginners as well as experts.

While astronomical telescopes (reflector) and spotting scopes (refractor) come in all sizes and designs, their performance is even more diverse and it is not always easy to find your way around.

If you are a beginner or if your equipment is intended for a child, the entry-level models are quite satisfactory to quench your galactic appetite. With a very easy to use bezel with an aperture around 70 mm and a focal length around 900 mm, in addition to a comfortable equatorial mount, you will offer yourself a superb initiation.

For an even richer discovery experience, you can choose from the range above with a light spot finder reflector, which will expand your horizons with ease! On the more "professional" side, if you are an experienced astronomer, there are models with, for example, an apochromatic lens, an advanced version of the achromatic doublet that will ensure excellent correction of spherical and chromatic aberrations, just like the AR-102/1000 MONT refractor. EXOS-2/eq5.

Finally, some optical devices are made compact without forgetting the technicality with a retractable optical tube, automatic pointing device, primary mirror of 305 mm optimizing the brightness for the most high-end ... for long hours of observation in perspective!

In front of this cascade of telescope, which is only a tiny glimpse of the astronomical telescopes and spotting scope available at Futura Space, you will certainly find the equipment that will meet your expectations.

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