Meet our space heros with our astronaut toys

Space, the conquest of stars, the exploration and discovery of new celestial objects among the universe beyond the Milky Way and galaxies... It makes you dream, doesn't it? Big or small, we all looked up to the sky one day to contemplate the stars and meteorites and wondered what's out there. And yet, only a handful of men and women, the bravest and most trained men and women you can find on Earth can leave the ground and Earth's gravity to fly to a space station or to the Moon, and soon to Mars. We are of course talking about our dear friends, astronauts!

In this collection of astronaut toys, Futura Space will make toddlers and adults dream with intelligent and remote-controlled robots and astronauts, not to mention our decorative or realistic figurines that will delight collectors. If you or your child is crazy about space, NASA and SpaceX missions, you'll love our collection of astronaut toys, which we know is a great gift idea for anyone who dreams of exploring the depths of space.

Remote-controlled astronaut robots :

Our radio-controlled toys will make your children travel by putting stars in their eyes! On batteries or rechargeable battery, our animated robots are both educational and recreational. They will follow your apprentice space explorer everywhere with their intelligent sensors and big wheels to climb the lunar ground. With their infrared remote control, our remote controlled models will transform your little boy or girl into a real space pilot.

Our astronaut figurines :

Whether it's a gift idea for your child and decorate his room with the image of a space station traveling through the cosmos, or simply to satisfy the souls of collectors, our astronaut figurines will make happy people. With cartoon shapes for a more childlike and decorative side, be sure to decorate your space room without any lack of taste. Our realistic articulated models will also delight adults and model makers in love with astronomy.

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