Astronaut costume

Everybody loves astronauts. Didn't it ever happen to you as a kid to want to become an astronaut and go to the moon and taste the lunar ground ? Buy an astronaut suit for your kids or get one for yourself! Either way, you can only make the right choice. Astronaut suits are perfect whether you want to look like a man walking on the moon or on the next space mission launched by NASA, or while working in Area 51. Above all, there is something for everyone: man, woman, child. Our space suits are unisex and of all colors to please the greatest number of people.

The best space-themed costume 

We have all seen the iconic images of the space world. Whether it's reports on NASA's space missions, or the sci-fi movies that have marked the cinema with all kind of spacecraft, we always find astronauts as the main element in the space conquest and exploration. This is not insignificant. Astronauts are extremely brave, highly trained men and women, capable of leaving the ground and Earth's gravity to go into the outer space and the depths of the universe thousands of kilometers away from our planet Earth. 

With one of these astronaut costumes, make others dream and make yourself dream. Embody the image of those who travel among the stars in rockets, spaceships or who find themselves months locked up in international space stations orbiting around our planet or in the vacuum of space to repair satellites.

The spacesuit you need to explore galaxies

At Futura Space, we know that like us, you are eager to go to other planets and explore the stars. However, don't venture out into a black hole without wearing one of our space costumes! With patches of the American or NASA flag, you will feel like real official astronauts ready to go on the next orbital voyage to Mars planned by SpaceX. Become part of space flight and join the space agency of those who have the courage and capacity to be an astronaut. Join us in our quest to expen our space travel and space exploration to leave our solar system and go beyond the deep space between asteroids, moons, and more. Don't even think about Hubble telescope or the european space agency, or even kennedy space center. We want to go so far in our mission to explore into space that even the ebst telescopes in the worl wouldn't even catch us!