Space Wall Stickers

Our space wall stickers are made from safe materials that allow you to easily handle and stick them to your walls. In addition to being easy to handle, you won’t need any extra glue or accessories. Once removed from the package, the stickers are ready to use. Made from PVC, our wall decals can also be peeled off the walls without damaging the paint and texture of your surfaces.

These wall decals will complement a space themed decoration that includes space posters and hangings, space lamps, space and astronomy themed rugs or astronaut figurines.

For a less permanent wall decoration, you may want to check out our galaxy projectors that will allow you to project beautiful stars on the walls.

Kids who love space exploration will also enjoy sticking these unique stickers and adding them to their astronaut bedroom decor.

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Decorate your home with originality thanks to our stickers on the theme of space and astronomy. In our collection of space and astronomy stickers you will discover a large selection of stickers perfectly adapted to the decoration. If like us you are passionate about space, you will find here a large choice of stickers to quench your passion for planets, galaxies and the universe. More than just decorative accessories, the installation of our wall stickers are an opportunity to spend pleasant time with your family. Indeed, stickers like the star model let your imagination run free. You can choose how you want to arrange the stars on the walls of your home, according to your imagination and your overflowing creativity. Simply remove them from their packaging and affix them to the wall to marvel at the instant spatial effect achieved with these easy to install wall stickers. Wall stickers for all tastes. Passionate about planets? Our set of solar system stickers will allow you to decorate the wall of the room of your choice with the majestic planets of our solar system. Whether you decide to affix them to the ceiling with a stepladder or on the walls, the planets stickers will certainly add a unique touch to your decor. Combined with other decorative accessories, the stickers will enrich your wall decor. From now on, to display your passion for astronomy, you won't have to be satisfied with posters. These stickers are perfect as accessories to decorate a child's room about space. The glow-in-the-dark stickers you will find in this collection have the characteristic of glowing at night, decorating the room with a magical glow. These wall decals will give your child a peaceful sleep thanks to the light glow given off by the fluorescent stickers.