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Space-themed Wall art

Looking for trendy wall decorations? Check out our Astronomy & Space wall art. Fast and free delivery. Welcome to Futura Space.

There is no place bigger and more exciting than space, and it has always been human nature to look at the stars and marvel. Our wide variety of astronomical and space murals reveal these endless and incredible galaxies, constellations and planets. The variations of this theme are endless, it will take you to infinity and beyond! We also provide high-end images of views from the earth to the sky, such as the northern lights, and more artistic interpretations of humanity’s desire to explore the galaxy

Far, far away galaxies Space is incredibly mysterious and beautiful, but its wonders are so far away that we often overlook their existence. Bring some of the universe's most fantastic galaxies and constellations into your home with our collection of astronomy and space murals, which include not only the Andromeda Galaxy, a field of stellar nebulae, and the Orion Nebula, but many more. Who needs a telescope when you have it all in incredible detail inside your personal space? Planets in astronomy and space murals We all learned the order of the planets in school and the enchantment of the interstellar begins at a young age, but the learning doesn't have to stop there. For example, our Solar System - Explore canvas, a perfect teaching tool that teaches you exactly how big each planet is in relation to the others and how they orbit the sun, among other things. Gaining knowledge is not so often fun and it can all be done from the comfort of your armchair! Home, sweet home If you're someone who likes to keep things closer to home, check out our planet earth section of astronomy and space murals. With Blue Dot, Blue Planet and Light on Earth, to name a few, you'll see our planet in a whole new and exciting way. It's a wonderful reminder to realize how diverse and beautiful our planet is. Butterfly your living room with these astronomy and space murals, and you're sure to give all the guests a great subject and enhance the room with that x-factor. Astronomy and space stars murals When we were children, we were told or read that we should always reach for the stars and follow our dreams. Our premier collection of astronomy & space murals allows you to keep or reinforce that feeling. Stars have always been associated with inspiration, peace and meditation. Astronomy & space murals can perfectly capture our relationship with celestial bodies, a concrete example of which is Nirvana. With its relaxing blues and creams, this calm canvas print will help you find that much sought after inner peace. Check out Starry Sky or Starry Space for views of the night sky like you've never seen before. The long exposure of the photo, taken at a very high level of detail, captures every star. It's far more than you could ever see with the naked eye, and now you can save yourself a trip out into the cold, enjoying these views from the comfort of your favorite room. Are you kids ready? It's safe to say that any child would love to have their own room decorated with astronomy and space murals. There's something for every personality and age, whether they prefer the bright, bold colors of something like Space Odyssey, Solar System, and Amazing Space, the beautiful muted tones of the Stone Ark and Milky Way, Near Space, and Deep Space Nebula, or the soothing blacks and whites of the Moon Vehicle on the Moon, Andromeda Galaxy, and Star Field Nebulae. Also, check out Space Age Buddy for a simple yet exciting rocket print that will especially appeal to younger kids. Astronomy and Space: Murals for the Future Budding scientists will love any of the detailed photographs in our astronomy and space murals, while budding historians can opt for mementos of unforgettable events such as the moon landing, with One Big Leap and Space Shuttle, among others. But don't let the kids have all the fun! These astronomy and space murals are perfect for adding appeal to a playroom or man cave, as they say, and are sure to be the talk of your living room or den. Wallpaper an adult bedroom with these space-themed prints and you'll have the perfect backdrop for falling asleep. These astronomy and space themed murals may seem like a long way off, but with our fast service and quick turnaround, they will make a world, or rather a galaxy of difference in any room of the house or office.