Astronomical Telescope : Look far away

At Futura Space we offer astronomical telescopes at unbeatable prices! This high tech device will allow you to see the stars closer !

Landscapes or Milky Way, you choose with an Astronomical Telescope

With a telescope, enjoy nature, the environment, but also the planets, the galaxies … in a very precise and spectacular way. Do you dream of seeing the moon? To see it in a very correct way, by visualizing the craters, it is now possible! The telescopes are composed of a multi-layer lens that allows to capture the light to obtain very bright images. This device was designed in rubber, which allows it to resist shocks. Ideal for use by children! It is very easy to adjust and set the telescope. You can see from 5 meters to 1 kilometer. It is the ideal gift for birdwatching enthusiasts! You will be able to adjust the device easily thanks to a wheel, present on the side of the telescope, allows to adjust the zoom with a great precision.

Choose an Astronomical Telescope for its ease of transport

With our telescope, equipped with a carrying case and a tripod (delivered with the purchase of the product), you will be able to easily transport the device in all your walks in the forest, hikes, climbing and everywhere else you consider it useful. The tripod will allow you to observe with comfort and precision the environment. Stability is a key factor in the proper use of a telescope, especially when you zoom is important! Buy your astronomical telescope at the best price on Yonis Shop and enjoy the view!

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