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Planet Lamp for for a cool atmosphere in the space

Browse our collection and discover a wide range of unique planet lamps. These lamps featuring the planet Earth, the planet Jupiter or the famous moon lamp are unique decorative accessories that will allow you to illuminate your home with a magical light.

Planet lamps are perfect gifts for astronomy enthusiasts who wish to decorate their home with decorative accessories inspired by space and the cosmos.

Add an astronomical touch to your interior design with a beautiful planet-shaped lamp

You will discover in this collection of luminous objects that will please the whole family. If you are looking for a decorative planet lamp to illuminate your bedside table, or your child’s room, you will find among our choice of lamps the accessory that will meet your expectations!

So, don’t wait any longer and discover the magic of planet lamps. If you have always dreamed of traveling in space to admire the magnificent celestial bodies that make up our solar system, you will be amazed to be able to hold the Moon lamp or the 3D Earth lamp in your hands. The Moon lamp will also allow you to create a real lunar decor in your home.

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Magnetic Lamp

Levitating Moon Lamp

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These lamps will light up your home with a safe LED bulb. This means that the lamps do not produce any heat. This makes them perfect for children's rooms. They will be able to handle them and admire them closely. Moreover, thanks to their rechargeable battery with a simple USB cable, the planet lamps will not require disposable batteries. Just plug them into your computer to recharge them and enjoy their beautiful, soothing glow. You will see that these fabulous planet lamps create a unique spatial atmosphere. Once lit, these luminous accessories will give you the impression to observe closely the magnificent planets that orbit our solar system. These are the perfect decorative items if you want to set up a solar system themed decoration.