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Moon lamp

If you feel like your home needs to be lit up, then we have just the thing. Our selection of moon lamps will transform any room into a soothing, serene space where people can feel good about themselves!

Get to know the unique atmosphere of a moon lamp; discover this type of ambient light made to illuminate what’s on earth while being close enough to space by design.

Discover the mythical moon lamp and our other space lamps.

Magnetic Lamp

Levitating Moon Lamp

(33) $129.99

Magnetic Lamp

Magnetic Moon Lamp

(48) $129.99

What is the real use of the moon lamp? The moon lamp is often used as a night light to fall asleep deeply while watching "The Moon", as Shakespeare would say. It's a unique zen deco item that will give a "full moon" decor to your living room or bedroom. And also as a great Christmas gift for children and adults alike. This kind of moon lamp as a Christmas gift will delight young and old alike who will be able to place their new lamp in their bedroom or living room. The person who will be offered such a Christmas gift will have a smile hanging from his lips. The moon lamp can replace a hanging lamp or a chandelier. It will look like a work of art and will give your home a unique and zen decoration. They are very useful for children too, because they can really show the aspect of the moon, thanks to the many textures. And allows them to spend a very good night by having beautiful dreams of astronauts.