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Magnetic Lamps

A magnetic lamp is a light source that produces an electromagnetic field to generate light.

Lamps have been used for centuries, but it is only recently that magnetic lamps have been transformed into devices capable of levitating objects through magnetic levitation.

Swedish designer Simon Morris is notably behind this new trend with lighting that levitates in your home decor. He also added “The world is changing at such a speed. So take a moment on this experience, which will stop your time.”

How magnetic lamps work

There are many types of lamps that can be used in different applications. In this section, we will discuss how magnetic lamps work.

Magnetic lamps are a type of light source that emit light by passing an electric current through a coil and a magnet. The lamp is said to be magnetic when it emits light with the help of electromagnetic fields and a bulb or other object can be illuminated.

Do not confuse magnetic lamp and anti-gravity lamp, anti-gravity lamps work in a different way, they interact with an element such as strobe.

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The different magnetic lamps (levitating planets, levitating bulb) Magnetic lamps are available in different types, sizes, shapes and colors. They are topped by an object which, as explained above, can be placed above a magnetic support. The lamps can be in the form of a standard lamp with a bulb in levitation downwards, another more innovative way is to place a base to tilt the bulb or another object very trendy a planet in levitation upwards. This way, you will be able to contemplate a rotating light show above a magnetized base. Why do you need a magnetic or levitating lamp in your home? Magnetic lamps or levitation lamps are commonly used in interior design. They are very popular because of their functionality and versatility. There are many reasons why we need magnetic lamps. They can be used to light up the interior of our rooms, offices and homes. They are also a great attraction, let yourself be surprised by this bulb floating in the air without apparent contact. A way to stay captivated by this technology and never get tired of your next lighting!