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Galaxy Projectors

Thanks to the numerous telescopes located all over the world and in space, we have been able to discover the beauty that makes up the Universe. Our planetarium projectors offer you the opportunity to illuminate your home with a piece of this stellar beauty.

Browse our collection of star projectors and discover unique night lights that will not only create a magical atmosphere, but also illuminate your children’s room with a soothing light.

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Galaxy Projector

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With our star projectors for the bedroom or living room, you can project the galaxies on your ceiling and enjoy a cosmic atmosphere in the comfort of your home. SPACE PROJECTORS TO CREATE A UNIQUE EFFECT You will be able to project beautiful star lights on the ceiling, and this in complete safety. Don't wait any longer to project space into your home and admire the beauty of the galaxies. Your children will fall asleep contemplating the magnificent stars projected on the ceiling of their room and will enjoy a stellar sleep. EASY TO USE PROJECTORS Easy to install, our star projectors are all powered by USB cable. That means you can plug them in and charge them directly using your computer or plug them into the wall using just a regular smartphone charger. GALAXY PROJECTORS WITH SAFE LED TECHNOLOGY LED technology offers the valuable advantage of not generating any heat when the projectors are turned on. This technology is ideal for child safety. Your youngest children won't get burned if they get their hands on one of these planetarium projectors. TRANSFORM YOUR HOME WITH THE MAGIC OF SPACE! If you're looking to add a touch of space to your home decor, we invite you to check out all of our space-themed home decor items. You'll find everything you need to decorate your walls with our space-themed posters, or our beautiful paintings of planets and galaxies. Let your imagination run wild by sticking beautiful wall stickers. You can also completely change your children's room decoration by decorating their living environment with our comfortable and beautiful rugs. Finally, find the space inspiration to accomplish all your projects by decorating your office with one of our astronaut figurines, or our planet-shaped mouse pads.