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Anti Gravity Lamp

The anti-gravity lamp is a must-have for your home. It provides the light you need for your room with a touch of elegance and scientific style. The lamp can be used as a reading lamp, work lamp or night light.

But don’t be overwhelmed by its appeal, indeed the anti-gravity lamp can quickly become very captivating. You will be able to play with the intensity of the strobe flashes, to fluctuate the movement of the water on the strobe fountain or to make any other object like a feather or a leaf float with the Slow motion frame.

In the movie “Elusive”, the scene with Jesse Eisenberg uses this same effect to give the illusion that the rain is coming up instead of going down or even better to freeze the drops of water.

Conclusion, the anti-gravity lamp is a new trendy lamp that is already very popular among the decorators of our era. It brings comfort, design, and technology to your home.

Anti Gravity Lamp

Anti Gravity Fountain Lamp

(1) $175.00

Anti Gravity Lamp

Anti Gravity Humidifier

(13) $120.00

Anti Gravity Lamp

Anti-Gravity Bulb Lamp

(6) $99.99

Anti Gravity Lamp

Levitating Shoe Display

(24) $154.99

Anti Gravity Lamp

Levitating Water Drops

(8) $185.00

Anti Gravity Lamp

Slow Motion Frame

(2) $99.99

What is an anti-gravity lamp and how does it actually work? The anti-gravity lamp is a type of lamp that has a unique design that allows it to produce an illusion to make water or a light object float in the air. This process was created by using strobe LEDs placed all along the lamp. The first stroboscope was designed in 1917 by a French engineer named Etienne Œhmichen. The use of anti-gravity lamps can be described as a combination of science fiction and modern technology. They are designed with features such as strobe LEDs, energy efficiency and levitation, which makes them popular among people who want a futuristic look for their home decor. How does a strobe light work? A strobe is a device that uses flashes of light to measure the speed of an object. It is often used in physics, chemistry and astronomy. The anti-gravity lamp is a type of strobe that uses the principle of anti-gravity to create an illusion. The principle of this device is that it creates a beam of light with a certain frequency and intensity. The beam is then directed at objects that move in space, so that they appear to float in the air. This device can also be used as a novelty or decorative item. Different types of anti-gravity lamps to suit your needs There are many types of anti-gravity lamps available on the market. Some of them are for decorative purposes, some are for health purposes and some are for safety purposes. In this section, we are going to show you our best anti-gravity lamps, of different shapes while producing the same expected effect. The 3 best types of anti-gravity lamps are : The Slow Motion Frame The Stroboscopic Fountain The Anti Gravity Lamp