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Space Lamp

Our space lamps will create an unusual spatial atmosphere. Decorate a bedroom or a living room with the charm of the Moon lamp! Put the planets on your bedside table with our Saturn and Jupiter lamps!

Our space lamps cover all the themes of space. In addition to the wonderful moon lamp, you will discover planet lamps, spaceship lamps, astronaut lamps that will create a unique stellar atmosphere. Space themed bedside lamps provide both a soothing light and act as very original decorative items.

These space lights are perfect for little ones who want to sleep in comforting light as well as for adults who want a unique lamp that depicts planets. The unique aspect of the space themed lights make them unique collectibles. Alongside an astronaut figurine, they are sure to transform your decor.

To illuminate your home with starlight, we recommend browsing our collection of space-themed nightlights. You will find starry projectors that will transform your room into a planetarium.

Anti Gravity Lamp

Anti Gravity Fountain Lamp

(1) $175.00

Anti Gravity Lamp

Anti Gravity Humidifier

(13) $120.00

Anti Gravity Lamp

Anti-Gravity Bulb Lamp

(6) $99.99

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Astronaut projector

(224) $54.99$64.99
(404) $59.99
(379) $59.99

Best Sellers

Galaxy Projector

(124) $89.99

Galaxy Projector

Galaxy Star Projector

(122) $49.99$59.99

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Globe Lamp

(261) $79.99$84.99

Heng Balance Lamp

Heng Balance Lamp Green

(4) $85.00

Heng Balance Lamp

Heng Balance Lamp Mini

(30) $39.99

In addition to being fabulous decorative objects, our theme lamps are made from recyclable materials. In addition, their light is produced using low energy LED bulbs. The second positive aspect of LED technology is that it does not generate heat. Even after four hours of use, 3D LED lamps such as moon lamp or Jupiter lamp will not give off any heat and thus pose no danger of burning. You can hold the moon safely! You will be able to illuminate your home with an astronomical atmosphere that will enchant star and planet lovers. COMPLETE YOUR DECOR WITH OUR SPACE DECORATIVE ACCESSORIES! Want to enhance your home's atmosphere with original space decor? Discover our collection of space-themed decorations and transform your home with our many decorative items for space and astronomy enthusiasts. You will find a wide range of products for the home at affordable prices.