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Space-Themed Necklaces

In this collection, you will discover original and unique necklaces on the theme of space and astronomy.

Whether you are looking for astronaut pendants, planet necklaces or star pendants, this collection will introduce you to necklaces that make perfect gifts for yourself or a loved one.

Astronomy enthusiasts will also find something to their liking in this exclusive selection of necklaces and pendants inspired by the beauty of the space around us.

You will find among our collection of necklaces and pendants fashion accessories for all tastes. We have taken care to gather for you necklaces that reflect the beauty of the stars that make up our universe.

(94) $24.99

Space Jewelry

Astronaut Necklace

(1) $22.75

Space Jewelry

Galaxy Necklace

(1110) $19.99
(13) $27.75

Space Jewelry

Moon Necklace

(208) $17.75

Space Jewelry

UFO Necklace

(10) $19.99