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Space-themed Keychains

Lots of space and astronomy themed keychains to inspire you to stay organized while keeping your head on the moon.

Carrying keys and other accessories without a key chain can make you unorganized. Not to mention the fact that it hurts your image. Keychains in the space theme are essential life accessories that every man and woman should have, even if it’s just to complete a look or to show how much you love space and astronomy.

Keychains inspired by the cosmos and the solar system, the accessory that will make the difference!

The choices are varied. You can find a funny one, a cute one, an adorable one like a moon keychain, or an astronaut keychain that will make the dreamer in you groan with happiness. These are original keychains to set you apart from the rest of the world to convey your passions and interest in space culture in general.

The perfect gift idea for an astronomy enthusiast!

When looking for a gift for an astronomer friend, consider their passions and interests. A planet keychain is one of the sweetest gifts you can give without going overboard. The space keychain works the same way as an original space mug. Always caring and friendly.

Space Jewelry

Astronaut Keychain

(277) $15.75

Space Jewelry

Galaxy Keychain

(220) $14.99
(262) $19.99

Space Jewelry

Planet Keychain

(358) $14.99

Space Jewelry

Spaceship Keychain

(28) $14.99

Space Jewelry

UFO Keychain

(30) $15.00