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Space-themed Jewelry

Add a touch of space to your look with our space and astronomy jewelry collection.

In this collection you will find space necklaces, space bracelets, space rings and space earrings with star and planet designs for the astronomy enthusiast.

The passion for space and astronomy is not only a decorative story. A passion is also meant to be worn and expressed!

Jewelry is a great way to add detail to an outfit that is a little too plain and can capture attention or start a conversation. Whether it’s a bracelet, ring or necklace, wearing jewelry enhances and draws the eye. If choosing a jewel adapted to your morphology is of course important, it is also important to choose the one you like.

Space Bracelet

Alien Bracelet

(6) $14.99

Space Earrings

Alien Earrings

(50) $14.99

Space Jewelry

Alien Pin

(15) $12.99

Space Jewelry

Apollo pin

(13) $15.00
(149) $24.90
(94) $24.99

Space Earrings

Astronaut Earrings

(136) $19.99

Space Jewelry

Astronaut Keychain

(277) $15.75

Space Jewelry

Astronaut Necklace

(1) $22.75

Space Jewelry

Astronaut Ring

(165) $19.99$34.99

Best Sellers

Astronomical Ring

(112) $24.99

Space Bracelet

Galaxy Bracelet

(2) $34.99