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Space Rug & Carpet

Get ready to step on the softest space rugs in the universe with our exclusive collection of space and astronomy themed rugs.

Choose from our selection of decorative rugs featuring galaxies, astronauts and nebulae designs that will delight any true astronomy enthusiast.

If you are looking for original decorative accessories to transform your floor, choose one of our comfortable space-themed rugs. Moreover, the multiple colors that adorn these floor accessories will give your space a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere.

Space Decorations

Astronaut Rug


Space Decorations

Educational Rug Solar System

(1) $32.65$52.97

Space Decorations

Galaxy Rug

(21) $32.65$86.60

Space Decorations

Optical illusion Rug

(459) $32.94$53.00

Space Decorations

Optical illusion Space Rug


Space Decorations

Planet Rug

(19) $32.07$86.60

COMFORTABLE AND SAFE RUGS TO COMPLETE A BEDROOM DECORATION Rugs are a wonderful addition to your bedroom décor. Available in many sizes and varieties, you will be able to choose rugs that match your personality and taste. Our rugs will also provide the right comfort for your child. Space-themed round rugs are decorated with space motifs that will enhance the room's decor by providing a colorful decorative surface. In a child's bedroom or playroom, these rugs decorated with wonderful patterns inspired by the stars and planets will be the perfect inspiration for little ones who dream of space and astronomy. In addition to adding an original decorative touch, the rugs help protect the floor from falling objects that can sometimes damage floors. Rugs also protect the floor from damage caused by the legs of a chair or table.