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Space Curtains

A space and astronomy themed decoration would not be complete without the magical effect produced with the help of a space curtain decorated with stars, planets and rockets.

This exclusive collection of space curtains is tailor-made for the true astronomy enthusiast who wants to provide their decor with a starry atmosphere.

Adorn your windows with the most spacey of atmospheres with our fabric pieces that will complete your space decor!

The celestial bodies that embellish the firmament are a magnificent inspiration for true astronomy enthusiasts who wish to decorate their home. For this reason, we also suggest you discover our collection of space tapestry to decorate your walls with a unique space atmosphere.

Space Curtains

Astronaut Curtains


Space Curtains

Curtain with Stars

(50) $34.40$143.40

Space Curtains

Galaxy Curtains

(3) $37.41$74.85

Space Curtains

Space Curtain

(21) $35.77$68.66

You can't complete an astronomy-themed decor without the right bedding, including comforter covers decorated with planets and galaxies. Fortunately, we're protected from the cold in space, but winters can be particularly cold. Protect yourself from the polar cold with our blankets featuring the most beautiful celestial bodies.