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Astronaut Figures

Do you dream of space? Are you fascinated by the conquest of space and the exploits of astronauts? Discover our collection dedicated to astronaut figures.

More than just decorative Astronaut figurines, they are a true source of inspiration!

Our astronaut figures will decorate your desk or bedside table in an original way. You’ll find yourself dreaming of putting on a space suit and setting off to conquer space.

Available in different shapes and sizes, our astronaut figures have their own identity. These space figurines will provide a unique space effect. With this collection, you will be able to create a beautiful and unique astronaut figurine decoration.

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Astronaut Figure

Astronaut figure Musician

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Astronaut Figure

Astronaut Figures

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Astronaut Figure

Astronaut Figures Moon lamp

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Astronaut Figure

Space Astronaut Figure

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Astronaut figurines are the perfect decorative accessories to decorate an astronaut room. Transform your home decor with unique decorative accessories for astronomy enthusiasts. In addition to these inspiring astronomy figurines, add a touch of space to your home decor with our space-themed posters and paintings. In addition to these beautiful and original figurines, we also suggest you discover our collection of space lamps. These lamps in the shape of the moon or space shuttle will give you a unique effect. Give your child a soothing sleep with our space nightlights. They will illuminate your home with a starry light and will bathe your child's room in a magical starry light.