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Astronaut Figures

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Space Astronaut Figure

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The Largest Selection of Space-Themed Decorations

Welcome to Futura Space.

Finding decoration items on the theme of space and astronomy is sometimes as difficult as scanning the interstellar space to discover a planet harboring life. That’s why we try to gather, in a single store, a multitude of decoration items for astronomy enthusiasts.



The astronomy decoration, On Futura Space, you will find the best of space decoration. You will find all the decorative items you have been dreaming of to set up a real space inspired decor. Let the beauty of the universe stimulate your creativity and help you transform your home.

Fall asleep in the soothing atmosphere of a starry night in the comfort of your home with our space bedding, planet stickers and starry night lights. With our many collections of home goods, you’ll be able to bring a touch of space decor.


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Why choose a Space Decoration?

Think your room is too plain and doesn’t reflect your passion for space and the cosmos enough? With our selection of astronomy-themed home decor accessories, you’ll finally have all the decorative items you need to bring a little space magic into your home. The hundreds of decorative items you will discover on our space store will allow you to decorate your child’s room on the wonderful theme of the space universe.

Decorating a home often takes time and energy. Sometimes we have to travel long distances to find the original items that we like. Thanks to our online space decorating store, astronomy enthusiasts no longer have to travel the cosmos in search of decorative accessories that will enchant them. All the astronomy decor items needed to decorate a room inspired by NASA discoveries are available at the touch of a button!

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Space Decorations

Educational Rug Solar System

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Space Curtains

Galaxy Curtains

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Space Bracelet

Galaxy Bracelet

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Transform your interior design with the Magic of Space

Whether you’ve just moved into your new home, or you want to completely revamp your home decor, by browsing the collections at your disposal on our online store specializing in astronomy decor, you’ll find everything you need to create a dreamy and spatial atmosphere that will amaze the whole family.

You can finally deploy all your creativity to decorate your home in the image of the wonders that dot our universe. The choice of decorative items we offer will allow you to decorate your walls with beautiful astronomy stickers and posters in tribute to the greatest space exploits. You can also decorate your home with beautiful galaxy-colored rugs and illuminate your home with the soothing light of moon-shaped lamps and galaxy projectors.

You’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to decorating your home with unique items for an astronomy room that matches your personal interests and passion. Your home can now be the image of your deepest aspirations.

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Space Wallpaper

Space Wallpaper


Space Wallpaper

Spaceship Wallpaper


Space Wallpaper

Earth Wallpaper


Space Wallpaper

Moon Wallpaper


Space Wallpaper

Night sky wallpaper


Space Tapestry

Spaceship Tapestry


Space Tapestry

Solar System Tapestry


The best store of decoration on the theme of space and by far! I recommend this online store, the service is reactive and pleasant!:)

Mark Jance

I received my Galaxy projector on time for my niece’s birthday present, very happy with the results, she loves it for sleepovers, THANKS!


Excellent work. Very good Space Shop, No need support, works perfectly. Congratulations !!
Very excited to re-order!



Want to add a touch of space to your home, or literally turn the cosmos upside down? Our space store will allow you to draw on your passion for space and astronomy to provide you and your loved one with the space decor items you need to fill your home with the beauty and magic of the cosmos.

Imagine being able to travel among the stars and planets. With our planet lamps, our galaxy projectors or our beautiful space-themed posters, you will be able to set up a complete astronomy room decoration.

For this reason, the Futura Space store offers you to discover a wide range of astronomy decoration items, each one more colorful than the other. Alongside our beautiful paintings of planets and stars, you will discover decorative space posters and posters decorated with nebulae and galaxies.

Our rugs are also perfect decorative accessories in the theme of astronomy. They are a great way to decorate a room and give it an extra spatial touch.

How can we not mention the moon lamps and planet lamps that provide a soothing light and produce the illusion of having a piece of the sky under your roof. You will find a wide range of bedside lamps ideal for decorating a room on the theme of space

To complete the picture, we suggest you discover our selection of glow-in-the-dark planet stickers that will illuminate the night with their fluorescent green hue.


Galaxy Projector

Galaxy Star Projector

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Galaxy Projector

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Galaxy Projector

UFO Galaxy Projector

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Astronaut projector

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As you can see, the Futura Space store specializes in a wide range of decorative items on the theme of space and astronomy. We have all the space-related decorative items you need to decorate every room in the house and help you give your home a true space effect! You’ll have no shortage of ideas for a space room decor that’s perfect for the astronomy enthusiast.

We have the most complete selection of astronomy themed home decor items for you. All the rooms in your home can be decorated thanks to the wall decor. You will discover an array of items that will make perfect gifts for astronomy enthusiasts.

Futura Space is much more than an online store dedicated to space decoration. It is a place where you will find decoration accessories that will transform your home by adding a space touch that will delight space exploration lovers. To go further, we invite you to discover our entire collection of articles on the theme of space and astronomy.


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